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13 April 2016

Personal Number Policy

ISSUE: 12 September 2016
updated 26 July 2017 (after the two year review)


This document serves to outline the process for the allocation of personal numbers issued under the authority of the Australian Radio Yachting Association (ARYA).

1. General

Personal numbers are sail numbers which are assigned to skippers being affiliate members of the ARYA and able to be used on all of their ARYA registered radio controlled boats of any class, instead of using the last two digits of their hull registration number. Personal numbers remain the property of ARYA and are not transferable.

There is a maximum of 100 personal numbers available which are the numbers 00 to 99 inclusive.

The purpose of personal number is to assist skippers who:

a. Travel regularly and frequently to interstate and national regattas as per clause 6.
b. Regularly sail in ranking events as per clause 6.
c. Own a boat which is dual rated as both a Marblehead and Ten Rater and compete regularly in both classes. See clause 6.
d. Build boats with interchangeable rigs on a regular basis.

2. Event Registration

At any ARYA sanctioned event where there is a conflict of sail numbers, an allocated personal number has priority as long as the following conditions are satisfied:

a. The personal number is being used by the person it is allocated to.
b. The personal number holder’s correct and complete entry has been received by the event organisers, including full payment if required, by the initial closing date of entries as stipulated in the event Notice of Race and any of its amendments.
c. Personal number certificate must be presented on request.

3. Application Process

Personal numbers are issued for two years, with extensions in two year increments available.

To apply for a personal number, a skipper must:

a. Have been a financial member of an ARYA affiliated radio controlled sailing club for all of the immediate last three years.
b. In addition, a skipper must fulfil at least one of the following:

i. Have demonstrated that they travel to attend interstate or national regattas on a regular basis, and sail frequently in ranking events in their own state. See clause 6.
ii. Own, and have registered in their name, a dual rated Marblehead and Ten Rater. It must be demonstrated that both classes must be sailed regularly as per clause 6.
iii. Build boats with interchangeable rigs on a regular basis.
iv. Where an application doesn't meet the PN criteria, the PN committee shall at its discretion assess the application and provide approval where it is felt that the application, on its own merit, is deemed acceptable for approval.

c. Complete the “Personal Sail Number Application Form” and submit it to ARYA by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
d. Submit payment of the initial fee of $50 to the ARYA within 28 days of approval (failure to make payment of the fee by the due date will result in the personal number being forfeited).

i. Payment can only be made by:

1. Cheque or money order
2. PayPal

e. ARYA life fellows are exempt from any fees, but they must still satisfy the criteria to apply for and maintain their personal number.

4. Application Assessment & Approval Process

a. A committee, formed by the registrar, will then decide whether the application meets the necessary criteria.
b. Where there are more applications than personal numbers available, the committee process applications in order of receipt and shall allocate the personal number on merit demonstrated on the application forms only.
c. The committee decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

5. Issuance & Validity of Personal Numbers

a. A Personal Number Certificate will be issued by ARYA.
b. A personal number will be valid from 01 August of the year issued (regardless of date of issue/approval) and will be valid for a period of two years expiring on 31 July of that year.

6. Renewal of Personal Numbers

a. The skipper must maintain affiliate membership of ARYA. In the event that membership lapses the personal number will be withdrawn. There shall be a three month grace period in the event that annual membership fees are paid late.

b. The skipper must return to the ARYA Registrar a biennial audit form, within the required time frame, which demonstrates that the skipper continues to fulfil the requirements for holding a personal number.

c. To meet the requirement, during the two year period skippers must use their personal number in one of the following regattas or combinations of regattas

i. One World Championship
ii. Two National Championship events (includes other countries).
iii. One National championship & one ranking events in another state.
1. Note: Ranking events include state championships.
iv. Two ranking events in another state or over 200km from your home.
v. Five ranking events including events in your home state.

d. Dual rated boats must satisfy one of the following conditions:

i. Any of the conditions stipulated in the other areas of clause 4, or
ii. Sail in at least ten club events with a dual rated boat using the personal number, providing both dual rated classes are sailed on at least three days each.

e. ARYA shall rescind a personal number if the completed biennual audit form fails to justify that continued use of a personal number is warranted, or the form is not received in the advised time frame.

f. A non-refundable fee of $20 is payable for every two year extension.

g. Failure to pay the fee by the due date shall result in the personal number being forfeited.

h. ARYA reserves the right withdraw PN at any time

i. A personal number can be returned to ARYA at any time. ARYA encourages the return of personal number when they are no longer being used as intended.

7. Personal Number Register

A list of all personal numbers and the members to whom they have been assigned will be placed on the ARYA website. Skippers attending interstate and national regattas may view the register, to establish whether the holder of a personal number which clashes with their own sail number has entered a regatta on time. This will allow prior warning for all skippers attending ranking regattas who may be required to alter their sail number in the event of a conflict.

8. Pre 2015 Issued Personal Numbers

ARYA recognises that there were personal numbers allocated prior to September, 2015. These were issued under various conditions.

a. The rules for pre 2015 issued personal number are updated as below:

i. Personal numbers remain the property of ARYA and are not transferable.
ii. There are no ongoing fees associated with retaining the personal number.
iii. There is no obligation to renew or reapply for the personal number.

b. To retain a pre 2015 Personal Number:

i. The skipper must maintain affiliate membership of ARYA. In the event that membership lapses the personal number will be withdrawn. There will be a three month grace period in the event that annual membership fees are paid late.

c. Return of Personal Number

i. Pre 2015 personal number can be handed back at any time.
ii. ARYA encourages the return of personal number by any member who is not using them as they are intended.
iii. Once a pre 2015 personal number has been returned to ARYA, they cannot be reissued under the pre 2015 conditions.

The ARYA committee will review the personal number policy on an as needed basis.

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Australia was represented by Kirwan Robb (VIC), Andrew Reid (VIC), David Turton (QLD) & David “Yoda” Thomas (VIC) in both classes with 53 competitors in the Ten Rater Class and 76 in the Marblehead.

Winds were predominantly light over the two championships which probably didn’t suit our team entirely but they still managed to pull of some great results.

In the Ten’s Andy kicked off the championship with some great top ten places and certainly had the potential for a top ten finish although struggled in the latter part of the championship finishing 14th overall. Kirwan also had a good start with a 6th & 4th in the first three races but ended up with a mixed bag finally finishing a creditable 10th overall. Our remaining Aussies, Turts & Yoda finished 23rd & 42nd respectively.

The M’s followed immediately after the Tens and it was Kirwan that opened his score card with a 2nd in the seeding race and with regular top ten finishes, ended up an astounding 4th overall with Andy 17th, Turts 37th and Yoda 52nd.

Overall our team should be proud of their performance, the time and effort to participate on the international stage is significant and on behalf of the ARYA I congratulate them all on their results and effort in representing Australia at the events.

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