Results - South Australian Results
11 October 2016

SA A Class State Championships - 24th Sept


We had a good turnout for what could have been a washed out, or blown out, event. The wind was predicted to be 20 kph in the morning increasing to 24 kph in the afternoon. While setting up we had some nasty darkies come across the dam but things settled down a bit by race time. And the rain held off to a reasonable amount.

Steve (Toad) Arthur made a special guest appearance as Adjudicator/Referee. Thanks Steve, you made life easier while I was scoring.


The seven racers got off to a good start in reasonable winds only to have them die out halfway through the race. The lucky man, Tim Arland, managed to get in on what little breeze there was remaining on the north and eastern ends of the dam. The course was shortened for Race 2 which, of course, blew a buster.

Through the day the course was stretched and shrunk in an attempt to guess how the breeze was going to behave for the next 15 minutes. All was not wasted as the competitors got to learn what a trapezoid was. You have to love Euclidean geometry.

Tim Arland took the day with occasional displays of planing, especially along the northern and eastern legs of the dam. Well done Tim. This was Tim's second title in a row and he has been warned that a third occurrence will result in him having to sail with a jam tin dragging in the water.

Alan Gold put in a solid performance for his second place just three points ahead of Philip Scapens. Philip's improved performance after lunch was due to two factors. 1 - He was hungry before lunch and this was aggravated when the cook declared that we had to run another race because the food wasn't ready. 2 - During the lunch break he tied a piece of magic string to his forestay to re-attach it to the mast. The swivel had let go and his jib was holding on by sheer memory.

Bob Watson had his ups and downs with a mainsail that decided to re-rig itself during the first race. It looked like an origami swan as it sailed itself down the dam.

Brian Pennifold ran his usual races by refusing to force his right of way when entitled, and having collisions when he was unsighted.

Bob Tuohy and David Martin are still getting the hang of the A Class boats. Both are usually more likely to sail 10 Raters and the mindset is definitely different between these two classes.

We had a good turn-up of spectators including John Polnitz who taught Noah how to sail. I did not realise at first that it was John or else I would have introduced him around. John still has boats and said that he would try to get to the club to do some A Class sailing. This would be excellent as he is a very knowledgeable man regarding building and sailing model boats and their associated history.

A big thank you to the cooks and caterers who ran the usual excellent gnash up. Thanks also to all of the spectators who dived into helping anywhere that they could - especially Muzza and John Lykke who got my generator running. Without it I would have been coffee-less for the day.

Again thanks to all officials, racers and spectators for making an enjoyable day. I might even get my A Class ('which one?' I hear you all cry) going so that I can join in next year.