28 July 2016

WA IOM Perth Classic - 24th July

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Sunday July 24 dawned clear, cold and calm. 13 skippers turned up at Jackadder Lake in Woodlands to participate in the 2016 Perth Classic. It was clear that there was no hurry to get going, as the water was mirror-like.

While we waited for a breeze, the model ship club kept us entertained with their scale battleships sliding around the buoys. Unfortunately, they didn’t re-enact any naval battles or anything really exciting like that.

The Race Officer team of Rob Mews, Hub Bell and Warren Rock set a course and racing got underway about 11.00am in a gentle easterly zephyr, which puffed and panted, disappeared and reappeared somewhere else. It was challenging to get a reasonable start line and windward course.

We stopped about 12.15 for a BBQ lunch which was kindly prepared by Bob Paton. The wind gradually settled in over the lunch break, and by the time racing re-commenced, there was a nice 5 to 8 knot south easterly wind. The breeze veered towards the south over the afternoon, and the race committee did a good job of ensuring the courses were fair.

Glenn Dawson stamped his mark on the regatta early, notching up three wins in the first 4 races. Sean Wallis was chasing hard and Justin McAullay had a good day, posting consistent results.

However, one of the most notable performances during the day came from John Goor. John recently purchased Rosco Bennett’s V9, and was really enjoying the new boat. John’s performances over the day improved markedly and he managed a few heat wins towards the latter part of the afternoon.

Lloyd Coles’ Obsession was enjoying the lighter conditions and was hard to beat. A few of the other skippers had days they would be happy to leave behind, but the quality of the fleet meant that you had to be right on your game at all times.

The breeze was certainly tricky. It would build for a while, then drift off. You had to be on your toes and watch carefully for signs of new pressure. The key was to sail towards the new pressure, and try to make the most of it whilst it was there. Many times, skippers found themselves caught on the wrong side of the course, watching boats scooting along on the opposite side.

There was a very strong element of local knowledge evident. Familiarity with the behaviour of the easterly on Jackadder Lake was certainly an advantage for the PRSC skippers. The lake has it’s peculiar patterns which allow those with local knowledge to take a few chances from time to time, and play a few percentages at others.

Racing was very clean and skippers took their penalties without being told most of the time. The fleet was tight in many races, and skippers behaved themselves really well.

The afternoon continued to be quite cold, and by the time racing finished, most skippers were fairly happy to call it a day. At the conclusion of racing, the results showed that Glenn had sailed a very consistent series and kept his score very low. Sean took second, and the big improver was John Goor, who placed on the podium for his first time.

We would like to thank all those who came along to help on the day. Particular thanks as always go to Andree Bennett, who manages the finishing and scoring for us really well. From time to time, Andree can be heard cheering Rosco on. At the same time, she has been known to give him a “hurry-up” when things aren’t going so well! Bob Paton came down and cooked the Barbie – many thanks again Bob for doing that for us.

Rob “Captain Blackwire” Mews gave up his sailing to help run the day, and spent much time out in the boat re-setting the marks to try to keep the courses fair. Hub Bell and Warren Rock kept the racing moving along efficiently, despite some difficult winds early in the day. Fortunately, the afternoon did settle, making the job of the committee a lot easier.



John Goor – one happy camper!

John Goor

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