08 November 2016

WA IOM Metro Championship - 6th November


2016 RSAWA Metropolitan Championships

The Metros were held at Champion Lakes in Perth on Sunday November 6. The day started out sunny and bright. Fortunately, we turned up to see that a south wester had already filled in, so rather than waiting all morning for a decent breeze, we were right into the racing.

The organizing team consisted of Race Officer Chris Woods, and his able assistants Andree Bennett, Uncle Rod Moss and Fred Webber. Luckily, the wind direction was straight up and down the lake, so Chris could set a long beat and downwind course.

The fleet consisted of 16 keen skippers, sailing a range of designs. Predominantly there were Vickers boats, with some V8s and V9s as well as Rosco’s new V10. Three Britpops, a couple of Cheinz and a Mojo, as well as a couple of others made up the fleet.

At first, a few skippers carried their A rigs, whilst the majority had their B rigs up. The A riggers were looking famous at the top mark in the first race, only to discover just how slow they can be with a few nose dives downwind. The B rigs came passed at a great rate of knots.

Pretty soon, everyone had their B rigs on, and the racing was fast and furious. Despite the long courses, the difference in boat speed between the boats was minimal. As a result, there were close encounters a plenty. Fortunately, there were only a few “coming togethers”. Those who infringed were quick to acknowledge and accept their penalty.

By lunchtime, we had completed six races. Already there were 4 different heat winners and it was going to be a matter of consistency across the whole regatta. Sean Wallis and Glenn Dawson had two heat wins whilst Rob Mews and Ian Sherriff had one each.

During the lunch break, the wind continued to build and there was a decision to make. Was it time to put the C rig on, or was it still controllable with the B rig? A few skippers made the decision to change, but the C rig never quite made an impression. There were a few too many holes in the wind to really make the C rig viable.

Those who had made the change fairly quickly switched back to the B. Unfortunately, there was a bit of stringy weed in the water, which affected all the skippers. It wasn’t a question of whether you would get weed, it was more about how much weed you picked up, and whether you got it on the fin or the rudder.

Over the course of the day, unfortunately a few skippers experienced electrical problems resulting in a number of withdrawals. The boats were hard pressed, but the fleet really needs to have a close look at what problems were experienced, and take steps to eliminate the issues.

A sign of an improving fleet with good depth, is the number of skippers capable of winning heats. In this regatta, it turned out that half the entrants actually won a heat. So to finish up on top, the challenge was to reduce mistakes and finish in the top few consistently. Glenn Dawson did that best and gradually built a solid lead. Sean Wallis and Rob Mews had a terrific battle for the other places on the podium, with Sean holding out the Captain by a small margin.

Thanks to the team of Chris, Andree, Rod and Fred for contributing their time to run the day – a job really well done.

The results were as follows:

Position Skipper Sail # Club/City Hull     Score
1 Glenn Dawson 76 PRSC V9     27.0
2 Sean Wallis 71 CLRS TNT     40.2
3 Robert Mews (Capt.) 41 CLRS V8     43.8
4 Ian Sherriff 171 CLRS V9     51.0
5 Ross Bennett 39 HWRS V10     54.0
6 Roger Paul 86 PRSC V9     77.0
7 Andrew Brady 72 HWRS V8     84.1
8 Peter Buchanan 15 HWRS Britpop     86.0
9 Graeme Howie 93 PRSC Chienz     89.0
10 Edgar Vitte 00 PRSC Mad Max     122.0
11 Bruce Robbins 1 PRSC Chienz     130.0
12 Denton Roberts 65 PRSC Britpop     162.0
13 Hub Bell 59 PRSC Fraktal     172.0
14 Ian Ritchie 66 PRSC Panko     175.0
15 Justin McAullay 10 PRSC Britpop     181.0
16 Ray Bassett 12 PRSC Mojo     185.0

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