Sail Measurement

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01 December 2015

Sail Measurement


From the number of enquiries received relating to sail measurement it would seem that not all measurers and owners are aware of the correct measurement procedures.  The measurement of  radio yacht sails is undertaken in the same manner as for other sails and is described in the ISAF Guide to Sail Measurement 2001-2004 (SMG) (Issue date 1 September 2001).

The guide is intended to help measurers and others understand the ISAF Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS) for sail measurement and to assist in achieving correct, accurate and consistent measuring of sails. The guide is not part of any rules and has no such status.  The guide, along with the ERS can be downloaded from the ISAF web site at

It is not a measurer's job to make rule interpretations. Should a measurer be in any doubt as to the application of or compliance with a rule or measurement instruction, the question should be referred in writing to the ARYA’s Technical Officer and a copy sent to their State Radio Yachting Authority.  Under no circumstances is a measurer to contact the ISAF-RSD Technical Committee Chair directly.  A measurer shall not measure any part of a boat owned, designed or built by himself, or in which he/she is an interested party, or has a vested interest, except where permitted by the MNA.

Measurers are responsible for:

a) Providing the measuring equipment and possessing complete and up to date copies of class rules and interpretations, racing rules, and any other relevant documents.

b) Carrying out measurement so that the dimensions are taken accurately.

c) Measuring as required by class rules and the relevant racing rules, and recording their findings, either on the class Measurement Form, if measuring at the request of the owner or manufacturer, or in a report to the appropriate race committee.

d) Keeping a record of each completed Measurement Form or measurement report, giving the date of measurement, the effective date of the class rules used, the class of boat, sail and plaque number, actual measurements taken, and any relevant comments.

e) Ensuring that they have the necessary authority to undertake the measurement